Lava Bombs - The Reconstruction 

The follow up to the award winning 2021 Lava Bombs- truths behind the volcano 

Two years on from the start of the eruption, things are supposed to be getting better, but we follow the story of what is happening to the area that was devestated by the eruption of Cumbre Vecha in 2021. have the promises been met?

Putin it right 

In the immediate weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a grass roots effort in the UK to do something to help. This short film documents the efforts of a group of people from the south east of the UK. 

With a year past and millions of pounds of aid delivered, we are looking for the next steps in the finishing this production 

Raising Hope 

“when we stand there, just watching these people suffer each day with silence, it's not only that we are    letting them loose their humanity, we're losing ours as well. “

We aim to take the sensitive issue of mental health, one that effects all cultures and economies and countries and shine a light on it. This global film will be an uplifting experience, one that gives people a renewed vigour to know that there is hope out there.

A culturally relevant and inclusive look at what is this wall of silence that is enveloping us. We will follow Melissa James on a journey of discovery and one that we think will bring us back to our humanity